A restaurant in Budapest, at the City Park in a romantic environment, with gastronomic specialties! Visit the best restaurant in Budapest that happens to be a café at the same time!

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A restaurant in Budapest: a place in the City Park where romance and gastronomy meet

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A café or a restaurant? It can be difficult to find a good place for a lunch or dinner in Budapest if you wish to leave behind the noise of the city and you want to enjoy gastronomy like a real guest. This is exactly what we would like to achieve in our restaurant in Budapest: revoking the romance of the 20th century, together with delicious food and unrivalled service for you here, at the lake of the City Park. 

Restaurant in Budapest: romantic dinner venue at Városliget with traditional Hungarian food and special dishes

A restaurant in Budapest... or is it a café? As you like it!


We consider the Városliget Café & Restaurant anno 1895 mainly a restaurant and most of our guests agree with this, but the interior, the atmosphere and our offer enables visitors to come in only for a coffee. And Liget coffee, our specialty, is worth a table reservation in itself – but of course, you are most welcome to visit us whenever you are around! In case you decide to put our offer to the test, our waiters are at your service.



Gastronomy: briefly about the offer of our restaurant in Budapest

Something light, traditional Hungarian dishes or a special gastronomic experience – whatever you may seek, you will find it on our menu or our chef offers you specialties depending on the season. Our highly qualified and professional waiters know the answer to all your questions, be it about allergens or the method a given meal is prepared.


But what do we prepare in our restaurant’s kitchen in Budapest? Click here to read the entire menu: current menu.


Restaurant in Budapest: traditional Hungarian dishesRestaurant in Budapest: traditional Hungarian dishesRestaurant in Budapest: traditional Hungarian dishes


Traditional Hungarian food in our restaurant in Budapest: classic dishes and modern specialties

Our menu is too diverse to be described by a mere category, but it is worth mentioning that we offer many traditional Hungarian dishes, which are often offered by our chefs as well. We follow a classic recipe for the traditional goulash soup or for Tányérhús, but there are other dishes characteristic to the country. However, our chef never forgets to take a look around and see what other nations’ cuisine contains.


Vegetarian dishes on the menu: a selection of dishes for vegetarians at our restaurant in Budapest

Our vegetarian guests do not have to give up a filling lunch or dinner because we have meat-free meals that are always on the menu. Ever since the opening of our restaurant in Budapest, Liget salad has always been a favourite of our guests – also available for vegetarians.


Gluten-free dishes at a restaurant? Of course!

Do not hesitate to reserve a table at our restaurant, even if you are gluten-free – we also have this type of meal covered. Feel free to ask our waiters for further information and help; they will gladly explain you everything or even offer you a delicious meal from the menu.


Child menu – we don’t forget about the little ones at our restaurant in Budapest!

We love children and we would like to see them together with their family as much as possible... this is why if you decide to come to us, you don’t have to leave the kids to the grandmas, as our restaurant is completely child-friendly! As an example, we offer a child menu for those below 12: little portion, served as kids like it – at reduced price, of course.


A restaurant in Budapest, where quality is important: freshly roasted coffee and the best producers

When it comes to food or gastronomy, we know no jokes! We were not joking either, when we decided to serve only freshly roasted coffee in order to ensure perfect flavours. We try to take everything seriously at our restaurant: the suppliers, the preparation of foods and the service as well. So by us, quality does not only refer to foods and drinks: we only like guests who are perfectly satisfied with everything!


Visiting a restaurant in Budapest with kids? Our child-friendly restaurant is prepared for every family!

Every mother knows that a restaurant should not only be welcoming but also well-prepared – even if you arrive with an infant or the most energetic toddler. We would like to set an environment for you where you can calmly eat your lunch or dinner even if you come with children.

We offer a child menu, special child seats and a children’s corner – and our waiters are always up for some fun if the kid starts crying.


Restaurant in Budapest with kids Restaurant in Budapest with kids Restaurant in Budapest with kids


Visiting a restaurant in Budapest with a pet? Of course!

This is not only because of the location, we all know that dogs are man’s best friends. If you are around with your pet you still don’t have to give up the romantic atmosphere and the delicious dishes and coffees of our restaurant: our place is completely dog-friendly too!

But let’s not forget about the fact that other guests might not be keen on your dog, so please, pay attention to your pet and follow our dog-code, which you can read by clicking here: dog-friendly restaurant in Budapest.


A restaurant in Budapest with a pet - Városliget Café & Restaurant A restaurant in Budapest with a pet - Városliget Café & Restaurant A restaurant in Budapest with a pet - Városliget Café & Restaurant


A restaurant in Budapest where the atmosphere and the environment is always perfect for a delicious dinner

Be it blowing wind or scorching sun, you will always find the warm or refreshing environment at our restaurant! During the winter, an offer of warm meals and hot drinks, the warm environment, the romantic atmosphere and the view of the Ice Rink awaits every guest.


While in the summer, you can enjoy the sunshine on the terrace or get refreshed inside: one thing is sure; the restaurant in the shadows of the City Park is a perfect choice for lunch or dinner.


A restaurant in Budapest A restaurant in Budapest A restaurant in Budapest


The most romantic restaurant in Budapest: not only for couples!

We take romance just as seriously as quality – we never oversimplify it. For us, romance does not only refer to love – however, the location of our restaurant makes it a perfect place for an engagement or for a wedding ceremony.


But we don’t forget about Romanticism and the life of city-dwellers of the 20th century: a bustling capital, Tányérhús and real flavours. Reserve a table and travel in time with us: visit the era that determined the future of Budapest!


The most romantic restaurant in BudapestThe most romantic restaurant in BudapestThe most romantic restaurant in Budapest

A restaurant in Budapest as an event venue – for any type of events

You might already have an idea of all the features of our restaurant. This is why we decided to host events! Be it a private event, a wedding, a birthday party or corporate events, conferences and meetings, our restaurant is a perfect place if you decide to organise your event in Budapest, yet in a calm environment.

But we cannot take full credit for this, as the building of the Ice Rink boasts a number of amazing rooms. If you are looking for a venue for your event and you need a restaurant or rooms of different styles, visit the website of Városliget Rendezvény by clicking HERE.


Catering from a restaurant in Budapest: the quality of Városliget Café wherever you want!

If you know our meals and gastronomy and the high quality our restaurant provides, you might want to offer it to your guests even if you do not organise your event at our restaurant or in the building of the Ice Rink. No problem and no hard feelings: click HERE to request an offer for catering on the website of Városliget Rendezvény and we do our best to make your evening as good as possible!

Romantic restaurant in Budapest


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