Business dinner in Budapest: business meetings, dinners with free parking in a calm atmosphere!

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Dear Guests! All of our tables has been reserved to Valentine's Day. Please choose another date! Thank you.
Dear Guests! All of our tables has been reserved to Valentine's Day. Please choose another date! Thank you.

Business dinner in Budapest: our restaurant is a perfect place for business meetings!

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It is obvious that there are many beautiful dinner venues in Budapest, but choosing the perfect place is very important when it comes to a business dinner. Our restaurant has a number of features that make it a perfect choice even if you are looking for a venue to host a business dinner in Budapest! 

Business dinner in Budapest, in the City Park

Business dinner in Budapest, at Városliget Café


Városliget is a wonderful place and not only for business dinners. And not only because of its history – it is an amazing place in itself. If you decide to go out in the afternoon to relax a bit... The calmness and beauty of this place is just perfect.

However, the calm environment, the large and free car park and the design of our restaurant make it one of the best venues for business dinners in Budapest! One of our separate rooms, the Törley room is also perfect for meetings where you want to keep things private.


In case you are interested, do not hesitate – reserve a table by clicking the button below! 



A perfect business dinner venue in Budapest, at Városliget Café – free parking, easy to reach


A perfect business dinner includes a number of factors – and the first one is the venue. If we find the environment or venue where we can imagine ourselves or our partners, the lion’s share of our problems is already solved – making sure that our business partner enjoys our company and the place is of utmost importance. 

It is a great advantage, especially in Budapest, if we find a venue that has a central, easy to reach location and free parking. Városliget provides all these so you can rest assured that your business partner will love the venue!



Business dinner – separate room for private conversations


The design of our restaurant (especially certain tables of the Törley room – or you can reserve the entire room – are recommended for reservation, which you can do clicking HERE) and some parts of the terrace are a perfect place for your business dinner in Budapest.


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Romantic restaurant in Budapest


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