A restaurant in Budapest – family lunch, business dinner or just a delicious coffee? Our restaurant in Budapest, at the City Park is a perfect option for all these! Reserve a table and enjoy our restaurant in Budapest!

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Dear Guests! All of our tables has been reserved to Valentine's Day. Please choose another date! Thank you.

A restaurant in Budapest – Introduction of Városliget Café & Restaurant anno 1895

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A restaurant in Budapest... we know hundreds of places in Budapest, and we have tried many of those. But what makes a restaurant memorable in Budapest when we go in for a lunch or dinner? This is what we want to know and this is why we incorporate your feedback into our restaurant – we are only satisfied if the guest is perfectly satisfied!

A restaurant in Budapest – romantic atmosphere, spectacular view in the City Park, a perfect place for lunch or dinner in Budapest

“Romanticism in Budapest” – a motto that comes to life at or restaurant in Budapest!

The word “romantic” and its meaning is getting more and more important in our busy life as we seek peace. Romanticism is therefore gaining new meanings...

...but not at our restaurant in Budapest! We still provide the same romanticism we all liked so much: you can find the romanticism of family and love at our restaurant in Budapest. We offer a minute of calmness and intimacy in the bustling capital of Hungary.

This means a kind of romantic atmosphere that cannot only be experienced by couples, but we also mean romanticism in its original sense. Our restaurant has already been a place for many engagements, dates and even weddings!


In case you are interested and you wish to have a lunch or dinner at our restaurant, do not hesitate – reserve a table in our restaurant in Budapest!



A restaurant in Budapest that offers different experience depending on the season!

Restaurant in BudapestMost restaurants in Budapest offer a menu that changes according to the season. Our restaurant in Budapest also follows this trend, however, we also offer a number of dishes that have been very popular ever since the beginning (think about specialties like the well-known “Tányérhús” or the crispy duck leg – two dishes that make many guests come back over and over again).


But this restaurant in Budapest, thanks to its location, offers much more throughout the year: the bustling Ice Rink in winter, the view of the snowy trees in the City Park, the romantic lights of the Vajdahunyad Castle create a wonderful atmosphere, while in summer, you can enjoy the offer of one of the best restaurants in Budapest in the shadows of the blooming trees or at a table overlooking the lake.



A restaurant in Budapest: A perfect place for dinner – a restaurant in Budapest in a unique environment and romantic atmosphere

Restaurant in BudapestThe above mentioned advantages, the amazing environment and the incredible atmosphere – these are the characteristics that make this restaurant in Budapest so attractive to guests who wish to eat a delicious dinner. Many people prefer to eat out for dinner: the elegant interior and the soft lights guarantee the perfect mood in our restaurant in Budapest.


We offer many dishes at out restaurant in Budapest that are highly recommended for a dinner.


Eating a Tányérhús is more like a little ritual, something that needs time – and although its flavour is similar to the meat soup that Hungarians eat for a traditional Sunday lunch, the time it requires to eat makes it a perfect meal for dinner. Try the specialty of our restaurant in Budapest!


A restaurant in Budapest: A perfect place for lunch – our restaurant in Budapest is a great venue for private or business events!

A restaurant in Budapest: A perfect place for lunchEven though the atmosphere of Városliget makes it a perfect place for a dinner, it does not mean that it is not amazing for lunch.

Due to its environment, this restaurant in Budapest is just perfect to meet with family and friends. The venue is easy to reach via public transport, but it also boasts free parking, making it just as attractive to those who arrive by car.

Since there are many tables in separate corners and we also have a separate room (Törley room), this restaurant in Budapest is ideal for business lunch or business meetings.


A restaurant in Budapest that is a perfect venue for events

A restaurant in Budapest The amazing building of the Ice Rink as well as the environment make our restaurant in Budapest a perfect venue for events. The aforementioned Törley room can be separated for private events, or you can reserve the entire restaurant for larger events. What is more, we are in connection with the staff of the Ice Rink, which means that you can even reserve the Banquet Hall or the Csatoló hall and get catering from our restaurant in Budapest.


Our restaurant in Budapest hosts a great number of events throughout every year, including private events such as birthday parties, weddings, family events or informal events like end of the year parties, gala dinners, conferences – at our restaurant in Budapest, we have a solution to everything!


An excellent chef of a restaurant in Budapest whose greatest joy is a satisfied guest!

A restaurant in Budapest Our chef, József Dobosy first met this profession as a child, in the kitchen of his grandmother. There he learned to prepare dishes that cannot be learned elsewhere: he soon realised that the preparation of dough is one of the most exciting things in life – almost as exciting as finding the ways of stealing a piece from it.

Later he utilised his family traditions in his career. Together with all the experiences of childhood, in 1983, as an 8th grade student, he had the opportunity to further improve in the kitchen of the prestigious Gellért Hotel. The chefs there were excellent and ready to teach everything to the enthusiastic little cooks.

 He then met a whole new world in Germany in 1989 where he could show his talent. Since then, he has had the opportunity to use this talent in many European – and also Asian – countries. But challenges kept coming – the expectations are high in Városliget Café & Restaurant anno 1895 because we are only satisfied if the guest is perfectly satisfied! He is responsible for all the great dishes at our restaurant in Budapest.


Not just a restaurant in Budapest – freshly roasted coffee, cakes available!

A romantic restaurant in Budapest, at Városliget Thanks to its nature, Városliget is not just a simple restaurant. The key is the environment: the park and the Heroes’ Square attract many tourists and also locals who come to walk their dog, and they often visit our restaurant in Budapest for a delicious coffee or a lemonade.


This is why we focus on offers that are not directly related to complete meals. The menu of our restaurant in Budapest boasts a number of dishes and cakes that can be eaten anytime – not to mention the wide range of drinks and coffees! Our specialty, Liget coffee is a favourite of many guests.


A child-friendly restaurant in Budapest – even the little ones enjoy our place!

Baby-friendly restaurant in BudapestThe new member of the family does not mean giving up the experience of a nice dinner or a romantic programme. You won’t even need a babysitter, since even the little ones are most welcome at our restaurant! 


Our restaurant in Budapest awaits kids with a children’s corner, child menu and special booster chairs.


The staff is also perfectly aware of what a child needs: some fun, some fish fingers and, of course, our teddy bear!



Baby-friendly restaurant in Budapest: not only for toddlers!

Baby-friendly restaurant in BudapestThe child was born and the romance is gone?


You don’t always need the grandmas or a babysitter if you wish to relax and enjoy each other’s company the way you had done before the kid was born. It is perfectly natural that you want to go out a bit and we are aware of this. Our restaurant is Budapest is prepared for this: we had modern baby boosters, a child-friendly staff and romantic atmosphere!


What happens if the child gets bored or starts crying? Don’t worry! Our staff are quick to get into the swing of things – if the parents want it too, we can provide a teddy bear and some fun to make even the youngest one smile again!


A dog-friendly restaurant in Budapest – the City Park also means dogs!

A restaurant in Budapest, at the lake of the City Park Your four-legged pet is just as welcome as you or your family. Dogs do not have to be left outside – but we also bear in mind that there are many people willing to eat undisturbed at our restaurant. This is why we introduced the dog code to make sure that the owner of the dog and all the guests can enjoy their time spent at our restaurant.

In case your pet also gets hungry, ask our waiters for some dog food or water if needed.


In the spring sunshine we offer our convenient terrace to those who arrive with a dog because the pets can also enjoy every benefit of our restaurant there: the owner gets delicious dishes and the staff and other guests might even scratch the head of your four-legged companion.

Romantic restaurant in Budapest


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