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Dear Guests! All of our tables has been reserved to Valentine's Day. Please choose another date! Thank you.

Romantic dinner in Budapest, at Városliget Café

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Romantic dinner in Budapest? The Városliget Café & Restaurant is the best choice! Visit our restaurant for a romantic dinner with your significant other! 

Romantic dinner venue in Budapest

Romantic dinner in Budapest, in the heart of the City Park 


The are many different opinions on what makes a romantic evening perfect, but we all agree that the perfect dinner venue is a very important element. Here in Budapest, we have many options, so it is not easy to find the best one.


The location of the venue is a very significant criterion, so it can be reached easily. On the other hand, the place should boast a very calm environment so that the romantic evening can unfold undisturbed. The Városliget Café & Restaurant is by all means a perfect choice as it is located in the City Park, one of the most popular and most visited places of Budapest. Our guests are also provided with free parking around the restaurant.


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Romantic dinner venue in Budapest – Why is Városliget Café & Restaurant the perfect choice?


The environment is full of romance – we have the zoo, the Vajdahunyad Castle and the Heroes’ Square nearby. The Városliget is a perfect option throughout the whole year, since every season has its own beauty. Opt for the Ice Rink during the winter – make the evening memorable with some ice skating together. Try a boat during the summer!


The interior of Városliget Café & Restaurant and the soft lights all help to set the romantic mood. And the view of the Vajdahunyad Castle from the restaurant is just breathtaking!



Romantic dinner venue in Budapest with unforgettable gastronomic experience 


Special foods, excellent wines, delicious desserts – they never fail to amaze our guests. Every meal is prepared using top quality ingredients, and our restaurant boasts specialties, such as Tányérhús. As a closure, we recommend the Liget coffee that revokes flavours of the Belle Époque of the City Park and Budapest. 


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Romantic restaurant in Budapest


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